Stefan Borsley



One of the most reliable servants of the Club whilst he was allegedly compiling a science-y PhD, Stefan clocked up a remarkable 76 appearances, making memorable contributions in the field and batting down the order. In other, less amusing forms of cricket, Stefan would have had the opportunity to score some carefree runs in the late middle order whilst enjoying his afternoon of occasional napping; in the StAUSCC special version of Collapso Cricket, he was frequently obliged to dash out into the middle in the midst of chaos with helpful instructions like ‘score lots of runs very quickly but don’t get out’. As someone whose previous experiences of cricket had revolved rather more around the statistical and social aspects of the game, his late order scampering and ability to really annoy death bowlers was all the more impressive.

Stefan’s greatest asset was his fielding – willing chucking himself around to stop the ball and taking a number of excellent catches over the years. He stood out as one of the few StAUSCC players who actually stood where he was told and watched the ball. However, in one of his many final matches for the Club, he took this a little too far, smashing himself in the face whilst batting at Forthill and liberally spreading his specs over the grass, along with much blood. Other famous moments include being chased by a bull through rural Perthshire, a streadfast refusal to count any legside runs scored by Cap’n Dom and any number of nominations for the Annual Award which now shares his name. A great teammate and drinking companion, his migration to pastures new is much regretted, especially by the bulls of Glendelvine.