Ross McLennan



As the wicket-keeper, opening batsman and intermittent Vice-Captain, Ross has established himself over the past 5 years as the backbone of a new generation of the StAUSCC. Throughout his career, Ross has provided a stable presence behind the stumps – his 20 dismissals in 2018 proving just how reliable he is back there when not distracted by his first slip. When not wearing the gloves, Ross has shown himself to be an enthusiastic fielder and his bowling has even improved to the point of near-competency if required.

In saying this, Ross’ main contributions to the club have been with willow in hand. For much of his batting career, Ross could be spotted wandering away towards square-leg in frustration and, soon afterwards, around the boundary having been dismissed. However, when in form, Ross could be as destructive a batsman as any in the league as his highest score of 145* attests. In 2015 and 2018 he amassed 499 and a club record 686 runs respectively and the rest of us can only hope he’s still around in 2021 when he’s due for his next big season.