Paul Smith



When Paul first emailed in 2011, informing us that he was relocating from his previous University where he’d been the pre-eminent batsman in his team, the @cantab address hinted at great things. Whilst it turned out that his most recent previous University was in Galway, Paul has nevertheless proved a worthy and ‘methodical’ batsman, an amusing teammate and (most importantly) an excellent baker. Although he has a couple of half centuries to his name, Paul’s value as a batsman is perhaps underplayed by his stat total; over the years, his running between the wickets has been a key component of many effective middle order partnerships. Paul has particularly fond memories of Forthill’s ground where he’s injured almost every part of his body (usually in the dark, in the rain……). When given little time to think about catches, he’s pulled off some excellent grabs over the years. The high looping ones, well, the less said about those the better… Following seven years of trying to catch the eye of a series of captains, in 2018 he finally purveyed his first (and so far only) over of what can safely be described as Right-Arm bowling. We look forward to more runs (and cakes) in the years to come.