Patrick Jess



What can one say about Patrick Jess? Without doubt, he is one of the great stalwarts of the club. Pat made his debut before most current members were born. Although his first appearance is lost in the mists of time and beer, it is rumoured to have occurred some time during his years as an undergraduate in the ’90s. Pat began playing regularly for the club in the pre-stats year of 2002. He has made the second most appearances of anyone for the club, official statistics putting the number of games at 200, but the real number is probably considerably more. Pat has seen the club change dramatically and without his selfless efforts as manager it is doubtful whether there would even be a club left.

He was the player of the year in 2010 and unbelievably is number 17 on the all time run scoring list. Quite remarkable considering that he also holds the unofficial record for the most balls faced before getting of the mark! With such attacking skills with the bat, perhaps it is even more surprising that Pat has more not outs in than anyone else in the club’s history. When it comes to bowling, Pat can be lethal and is one of the few bowlers we’ve had capable of moving the ball both ways. Bowling off about 24 yards, there are times when his accuracy has been a little erratic. Nevertheless, he has been opening bowler, death bowler and pretty much everything in between, and currently stands as the 4th leading wicket-taker in club history.

Over the years, Patrick has spent many hours standing at mid off and has caught some blinding catches. He has also spent a great deal of time rolling around in the lush pastures of Scotland in vaguely spectacular ways to stop a cricket ball. Few people who have seen it can forget his uniquely aimless underarm hurls in from the outfield when anyone within a country mile was in danger of being hit by the ball. Despite all of this, perhaps Patrick’s greatest contribution to the club is Mrs Jess’s legendary scones. He is a truly historical figure within the club and his contribution has been so much greater than this collection of stats can convey. Without him the club would be a poorer place.