James Threlfall



An outstanding fielder and great team player, James has 64 appearances for the Club. He can usually be found fielding at square-leg where he has saved a sadly uncounted number of runs; this a particularly valuable skill at a Club where very few bowlers can actually pitch the ball on the other side of the wooden upright sticky things…

JT has played a significant role in many strong partnerships over the years, however James’ career batting highlight was surely his unbeaten 35 not out in a tight game at Alloa, unfurling some mighty blows normally reserved solely for Baggers’ bowling in the nets. This high score is particularly meritorious considering it represented 97.2222 (recurring) of his season’s runs in 2013. One claim to fame which James holds particularly dear is his long-time dominance of the Duck Cup All Time list. JT claimed this title in a remarkable fashion, amassing an astonishing 12 ducks between 2011 and the end of the 2014 season. However, statistical analysis shows a worrying downturn in his Duck Production in recent years – in fact he has been entirely Duck Free since 2015 – and as a result now has been reduced to a share of the title which for so long had been his own.

Having studied at the feet of Master Off-Spinner Frankland for many years, James occasionally – and somewhat reluctantly – purveys a gentle off break. Over the years, this has proven remarkably successful as James boasts the second best bowling average of any player with more than 50 caps.

All of us here at the club are hopeful that we will see more of James on the pitch in 2019 once his son significantly improves his batting average of sleeping through the night.