David Miller



One of our most consistent and reliable players, Dave has been ever present since before we entered League cricket. Despite the toils of his fellow countrymen on these cricketing shores, he bowls with pace, penetration and – mostly – enviable accuracy and his career stats display his consistency very well. He has two League 5-fers and has bowled the most overs and taken the second most wickets in Club history – something to which his knees give testament. A bowler who always threatens the stumps and the well-being of batsmen’s pads, Dave must have an enviable record of dismissals out bowled – along with more than his share of the same when batting. He also stands out at the head of the League Match Duck Cup, although his career stats show an almost equal number of Ducks and Sixes, reflecting a studied disinclination to the scrambled single or the back to back all-run threes… A nonchalant 6 over the sightscreen at Brechin and some doughty opening stints in the days when our tail started at 4 have all contributed to victories over the years.

As a fielder, often happiest grazing out of harm’s way but more than capable of grabbing a sharp chance if given no time to think about it. When time permits, though, Dave is able to manufacture a marvelous sequence of juggling half catches before magisterially dropping the ball on the 8th attempt. Reflecting the confusing habit of his nation to have multiple timezones, Dave Standard Time is a reliable indicator of a period approximately 30 minutes after Patrick Standard Time and a solid 3 minutes before Game Starting Time. Despite a remarkable array of car dramas to, from and at cricket grounds across the country, Dave’s contribution to the spirit and success of the Club is second to none.