Angus Stewart




Angus is a stalwart member of the Club, having played for many years through our various competitive epochs. Starting from his familiar stance, standing tall at the end of his run up like the Great Tower of Brechin, opening spells of McGrath-like accuracy have occasionally been glimpsed. His consistent ability to hit the top of off has often been underappreciated by many opposition Umpires. A career total of 520 runs and 166 wickets puts him in the all rounder category and those with long memories can recall the heady days of his opening the batting to a decent standard. Over the years, a fine range of baking has emerged from the Stewart kitchen and his willingness to do the grunt work behind the scenes, whether as Treasurer, Vice Captain or Washer-Up In Chief, has always been appreciated. However, by some distance his greatest achievement has been routinely acting as Stan’s Taxi Driver, ensuring that the East Neuk’s finest cricketers only arrive a bit late to every match.